Thursday, November 29, 2007

dunno wut title

today i think i did not do too well on my inorganic chem paper...i overlooked the small details...didn't memorize them cause i thought it was unimportant but alas... very very disappointed with myself actually...yup, that is why today i pay attention to small details. hopefully tomorrow will be much better...fingers crossed..

i tend to think too much..become too emotional at times. Last night i called my bestie, Syilah and we talked for 20 minutes only. Blame it on the distance. I wish international calls are cheaper.
We can talk like for hours, me and her, especially now that we don't get to talk everyday. Aih, i miss her.

Currently listening to Daughtry in my Ipod. Yeah, I like the angst. Now I particularly feel like taking a shower. I like showers. Nothing is as therapeutic as a shower. A long, HOT shower especially during cold days like these. Ofuro is also heavenly but not today, I need to be alone
to think.