Saturday, February 16, 2008

backstreet`S back

The concert was last night. It was AWESOME!!!!!! They sang their old hits and songs from their newest album and they still got it all together. Kevin left the band sometime ago so yeah a bit sad to hear that but still a nice show. Can`t get any pics tho because here in Japan, snapping pictures are prohibited and considered rude because the flashes disturb the whole experience i guess. So, no pictures except the stage before their performance:( Will upload after exam ok? Yeah but it was totally great. For 2 whole hours I was like maybe 200 metres away from them and the stage is that far..It is held Tokyo Dome, a huge baseball stadium!! Anyway, that concludes everything for tonight. I`m very tired but it was a blast!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentine`s day

i took a break from studying for exams (in fact, i wasn`t even really studying these few days..partly because I kept thinking about going back home:P)
well it is valentine`S day today...i still remember the tradition back in my secondary school. One group of students wanting to make money would organize something like dedications, chocolate giving stuff...So if u fancy a girl or a boy, u tell them about it and what do you wanna send to that person u fancy..and they would arrange everything for you at a price of course but it was not that expensive. I sent one or two chocolates or bookmark, I can`t really remember but I never received these sort of stuff:( I so wanted someone to send it to me that i actually thought of buying it myself pretending that it was from my secret admirer...but yeah as i watched my friends receive them of course i felt jealous and all..but yeah thinking back, LOL, it was funny..But oh well, in Japan it is the girl`s duty to give gifts here to their crush. Strange but true. I guess in a way it`s cute.
Happy Valentine`s day everyone. Tell the person you love that you love them, be it your friends or family or boy/girl friend husbands/wives...Whoever it is, spread the love...muaahhhh, XOXO..ok anyone close to me will know I cut off chocolates from my diet completely already since they caused me acne last time and I used to consume a lot during my good skin days(ahh secondary school)..but for today, i make an exception..i`m going to buy something for myself..:)

Friday, February 1, 2008

i edited the song bcoz now I`m feeling beatle-ish
so guys here favourite at this moment
if i fell...:P:P:P

and guess what, it snowed heavily this will be up when im back in malaysia, don`t worry!!!