Friday, April 25, 2008


So what is really cooking these day? the days are beginning to feel warmer (uhm I like but not too hot la, you know why)
Today is the day I completed my experiment. I have it every week but because it is a 2-week experiment, that means I only have to pass up my report every other week. But nonetheless, reports are reports. And you can never get enough of it as a kosen student. Kosen=colleges of technology. On top of that, I have a homework to do as well. To be fair, I was very free the past few weeks. I filled up my time watching dramas and movies and reading Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult(this is the second time I`ve mentioned her eh...go get it if u wanna read it although Nineteen Minutes has a school shooting theme..yeah, remember Columbine?

Random stuff..I saw a boy (5 years of age maybe)today in the ladies` loo. Yeah pretty normal to see boys under the age of 5 years old to enter the ladies` with their moms rite(cause at that age, we pretty much follow our mom everywhere). So I guess quite a number of guys out there(fully grown ones) can say that "I`ve entered the ladies`"..ok lame attempt at a joke. But it was purely an observation.

Yeah chow for now at least..

Thursday, April 24, 2008


By early October i will be starting on a research. Which will be guided by a teacher. And I` m having a hard time choosing which teacher. You might say it doesn`t make any difference but it does. Having a great caring teacher is sooooo much better than having a teacher who is probably too shy/less talkative teacher, rite? But what if you have completely no interest in that caring teacher`S research but is more interested in that shy/less talkative teacher`s research. Plus, someone else I`m comfortable talking too (a rarity here) is also planning to enter that shy/less talkative teacher`S research too. How??? I guess in the end I already know who I`m going to choose. Sheesh it`S a secret...guess, people...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I know i should have updated a long time ago in malaysia. But seriously, my schedule was something like this:kl-kch-miri-sibu-kch-kl-kk-kl in a space of a month. So internet connection was hard to come by. I know I`m giving excuses haha!Well, my mom said no to a certain plan I`ve been cooking up so I guess I have to follow whatever she says. But to my surprise, I find myself rebelled so much less as compared to when I`m 16 or 17 years old. But hopefully, there will be a small consolation regarding that decision.
My resolution this year: less shopping, more exercise, more healthy food! That`s all I can think about now.
I`m very random at times so forgive me. So, now I`m in fourth year of my diploma studies (technically, it is going to be my second year in Japan). Last year I can get by without much pressure in studies but this year, everything is going to get more difficult to comprehend. I rather not dwell on it sometimes. Being part of a rat race is suffocating. But sometimes I`m inevitably sucked into it. I wonder if after finishing my diploma, can I go somewhere else(other country) to study? It is practically unheard of in Japan for JPA scholars, I think. And it surely is gonna cost $$$ on my part.And the whole idea is to save money and how I`m going to save money if I`m going to spend it.T______T I probably will follow the conventional route in the end....
Next up are pics from January`s ski trip and my cousin`s wedding:>Congrats and live happily ever after (though it sounds sooo cliche)