Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm now in Bangkok. For two days already actually with my dad. Well, it is really one huge city that you've gotta see for yourself. Most people have already been here I guess but this is my first time in Bangkok. At first glance, it is almost like KL but well, I can tell you now it is ttotally different. I don't go to those famous temples cause it's quite far away and actually I just wanted to shop(hehe) But suprisingly I onlybought a pair of sandals for 100 baht(RM 10). But the stuff are cheaper than KL for sure. That's all for my purchase. But tomorrow is weekend and weekend means Chatujak Weekend Market. Probably do lotsa shopping there. Not many pictures from me, but I will load them up later (mostly pictures of my hotel! more about this cute hotel later) I went to Patpong, Pratunam and Ratchaprasong shopping district. It is a bit similar to Petaling Street. But there are some huge shopping malls around the area that caters to the rich and famous too (labels labels labels) Also, I noticed that shrines are very common here in shopping malls, in front of the hotel, even in the hotel I'm staying which probably means most Thais are God-fearing folks. Besides all that shopping I also ventured into the red-light district. Nothing suprising here, just girls wearing very very skimpy bikinis standing or gyrating on the pole. Not that erotic la. Ok that's all for now. Chow!

Monday, August 18, 2008


We always build our perception towards someone based on what we see, think, heard and read. I`m like that too. We easily assume something because that`s how things work. We love to label people. Smart, beautiful, slut, brainy, cute, handsome..associating someone with an adjective becomes a necessity so we can remember them better. It comes naturally to us human beings.
People read too much into written stuff. We like to read between the lines, in hoping of breaking the cryptic message laid before us. We like to envision ourselves as the super sleuth portrayed in the comics we read when we were young. But sometimes, what if there is no meaning, nothing cryptic, nothing secretive about it. It`s simply written in the spur of the moment. I don`t like to edit my writings except if it is super sensitive. I want to rant too sometimes if I`m pissed but then again I stop myself from going overboard. Because anger subsides. And u may not feel tomorrow the way u feel today.


the reason I`ve been MIA--> galore
hokkaido was splendid, simply gorgeous, mouth-watering delicious seafood in abundance...

Lonely Polar bear in asahiyama zoo

dreamy, romantic
Oonuma Park Some friendly rabbits we met at Oonuma Park
Chocolate Factory (yummy factory)
Farm Tomita-the lavenders withered already but still gorgeous nonetheless
Farm Tomita again

Hakodate hakodate night view

Thanks a loooooot to my very own tour guide, chang yuan and arif for showing us around hakodate and william sempai for letting us crash in ur house.

Monday, August 4, 2008