Friday, July 24, 2009

Being sentimental and the end of an era

I am a sentimental kinda person, more so when I was younger. I will keep cards,stuff, books, textbooks, handicrafts, letters, anything that holda special place in my heart, no matter how crowded my room gets.
I came across an article in yahoo about 100 things that the future generation will probably never know about. Our need for faster, smaller, cooler, better things are slowly taking over the things we grew up with. The word slowly maybe an understatement because at the rate technology is developing now, those things that once were a source of joy and entertainment to us would probably be rendered extinct soon enough.

I'll always remember the days of VHS, cassettes, handwritten letters, laser discs(haha I watched My Girl with this)I may not be born in the era of vinyl records but I had a few back at home. What else..hmm? Encylopedia-the equivalent of a wikipedia. I myself really enjoyed reading wiki a lot but when I was young, the Encyclopedia for Kids was such a fun read. I am pretty sure one day we will find ourselves wondering about the bygone era. That is when we will smile, I hope, knowing that there were simpler times.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I remember when I was young and even though they are not so rich, but they manage to provide me the thing I needed the most. Love. Heck, I can even say I was spoiled. Not with toys or anything, I never have those in abundance, just a few. I miss how she will cook porridge for me everyday without fail. I miss her taking me to school using the bus. I miss him spoiling me and comforting me when people scolded me. As I am slowly learning now, nothing in life is as important as family. No matter what you do and who you are, there are the ones that are going to stand by you through thick and thin. So if you think you haven't talk to your parents in a long while or even ur grandparents, call them and tell them that you do still care. They sacrificed a lot for you. I know mine did.