Monday, January 4, 2010


Wah, 2 posts in day. Joceline, you are on fire. What happened to letting the blog die, you may ask? I will just write ditzy stuff in here while in my heart and soul, therein lies my deepest thoughts. Exercise is very important but I am not getting enough of it. I know can do yourself like stretching and aerobics and all that. I used to do it everyday. Um, like 3 years ago. Now, I prefer sitting in front of the computer wasting my time away on whatever that holds my attention at that moment in time. This is not right! Also, I've since resumed cooking and oh my gosh, tried some recipes and those recipes aren't really healthy for the waist. Must get moving. Yes, that is my new year's resolution. Only one, that is, must exercise. Joining a gym here is so expensive. I don't know if I will have much free time in university later also. Senior told me that mini exams are abundant. For 3 years I've been spoiled rotten by Oyama teachers. Well, not really, my sotsuken teacher is a bit strict but then again, he is much much more lenient compared to university teachers. Just an assumption though.

If everything goes well, as in I am able to graduate from this college, yay, I will treat myself to a nice present.Muahsss...