Monday, January 4, 2010


Why are there so many zits on my forehead. Seriously, I've tried eating well, no sugar or dairy but I still get zits on the forehead. I wish I can achieve internal peace(is this even a real term??), or peace within your mind. Because I've been failing so far. Maybe that is why those zits pop up in the first place. The most annoying thing about them(the zits, duh) is that they are so small that you cannot pick on them(of course you should not pick on them-number one rule) but then again they are noticeable. Very annoying la. So far, major improvement after I incorporated more fruits into my diet. Ya, only I can say this la because I am highly sensitive to any blemishes on my face. But, honestly, holistic approach is the best one out there. Expensive skincare, forget about that, they don't do anything for me. Burn a hole in my wallet, that is the only thing they do.My obsession with skincare has led me to try the famous egg mask. Well you definitely can feel the skin tightening and it's just a quick fix but since it is all natural and cheap( just an egg will do!),I highly recommend this. There are many videos out there in youtube that teaches it, so, check it out.

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